The best apps to watch free streaming content

The best apps to watch free streaming content

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One of the best parts about cord cutting is that you get the chance to explore all the apps that are available for streaming television and movie content. What you will find is that there are a lot of apps that offer great content completely free. That’s right, zero, zilch, nada…FREE! So before you go out and sign up for a bunch of subscription based services, check out my list below of the best apps to watch FREE streaming content. All of these apps are available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. If you’re not sure which to get, check out my previous post to help you decide which streaming media player is the right choice for your household.


Pluto TV – Pluto is like public access television meets internet videos. What do I mean by that? The team at Pluto spends hours searching the internet, finding and organizing free videos into categories, or “channels”, that stream 24/7. The content is mostly from YouTube but also from big broadcasting sites like NBC and Bloomberg. They have everything from News, Sporting Events, Documentaries, Kids programs, even a channel dedicated to nothing but yoga lessons.

Pluto TV app for Roku / Pluto TV app for Fire TV

Crackle – This is Sony Pictures Entertainment’s totally free answer to the popular paid services like Netflix. Crackle offers a rotating selection of classic movies and television series in addition to a collection of some original content like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Sports Jeopardy!

Crackle app for Roku / Crackle app for Fire TV

Tubi TV – Tubi is another free alternative to Netflix. They offer a collection of TV series and movies to stream right to your living room. You will find mostly “oldie but goodie” classics and some hidden gems like those in the Cult Favorites and Good Eats sections. Tubi currently has the largest library of free TV and movies on the internet.

Tubi TV app for Roku / Tubi TV app for Fire TV

Popcornflix – This is one of the original completely FREE streaming services for movies and webisodes. Most of them fall into the independent and classic genres, but they are entertaining none the less. Popcornflix really stands out in the Family section, offering a ton of classic kids movies and TV shows.

Popcornflix app for Roku / Popcornflix app for Fire TV

PBS Kids – For kids, one of my favorite apps is PBS Kids. They offer totally free episodes of all the favorites, like Sesame street, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Odd Squad. There are usually about 4 free episodes available for each show and they add new episodes every couple days.

PBS Kids app for Roku / PBS Kids app for Fire TV

Disney Junior & Disney Channel – If you have kids that are into Disney shows then the Disney Junior and Disney Channel apps are a must. Younger kids will love watching episodes of Doc McStuffins, PJ Masks and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. For older kids, Austin & Ally, Descendants Wicked World and Girl Meets World episodes will be a big hit.

Disney Junior app for Roku / Disney Junior app for Fire TV

Disney Channel app for Roku / Disney Channel app for Fire TV

CBS News – The best way to catch all the latest breaking news stories is through the CBS News app. They offer a 24/7 live stream of national news as well as a selection of highlight clips. Everything from in-depth looks into what’s going on in the world to worldwide coverage of breaking news as it happens.

CBS News app for Roku / CBS News app for Fire TV

Weather Nation – It may seem silly to watch a weather channel on your TV with all the phone weather apps out there these days, but nothing replaces the security of having local forecasts and radar on your TV while that big storm is rolling in. They also follow some interesting stories, so this can be a great stream to just leave on in the background while you are busy at home.

Weather Nation app for Roku / Weather Nation app for Fire TV


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