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Sling TV AirTV Player: The Most User-friendly Cord Cutting Device Yet

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The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up last week and one of my favorite new cord cutting products released during the show was the AirTV Player by Sling TV. This is the first time Sling TV has released their own branded streaming device, and I must say they did a phenomenal job. With AirTV they really focused on solving one of the most difficult hurdles with cord cutting, the separation between local Over-The-Air (OTA) channels and streaming channels. The main purpose of the device is to incorporate your local OTA channels, received through an antenna, into the Sling TV app without increasing your monthly Sling subscription. I really feel like they hit a big pain point with would-be cord cutters with the AirTV Player. That’s why I think it’s the most user-friendly cord cutting device yet! Here are some of the features that I think will make this the #1 recommended device for new cord cutters.

Easy Setup

When you get your AirTV there are only a few connections you have to make before you are up and running. Plug in the power cord, HDMI cable to an available port on your TV, the USB OTA tuner card, and finally your antenna to the USB OTA tuner card…that’s it! Once you power it on the app and channel setup process starts automatically. The remote can even program itself to your TV and sound system through the HDMI connection so you can start controlling your entire setup right out of the gate.

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Everything On One Screen

After the initial setup, every time you turn the AirTV on it boots straight into the Sling TV app and the new app on AirTV now contains all your TV channels. You no longer have to change inputs on your TV and sound bar and fumble around with 3 different remotes to bounce between OTA and streaming. Even better, you don’t even have to switch between different apps. Using the Sling TV App on AirTV you can watch Sling streaming channels, OTA channels, and even Netflix shows all in the same beautiful user interface.

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Simple Powerful Remote

The remote that comes with the AirTV also has the ability to control your TV and sound bar. The remote has Voice Search and Voice commands so you can find content and control your AirTV just by talking to it. There are dedicated Sling and Netflix buttons right on the remote that allow you to access these apps in one click without having to scroll through long confusing menus.

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Versatility and Performance

The AirTV Player by Sling TV runs the Android TV operating system. The big advantage with running Android TV is that you have a large preexisting library of apps that have already been developed for players such as this. Another great feature is that with Android TV you can install virtually any Android app available in the Google Play Store. The AirTV Player also supports 4K Ultra HD video so you are getting the latest and greatest technology built into this device. The AirTV Player also includes a handy over the air programming guide that will show you upcoming programs with show data.

If you’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger on cutting the cord in your house because of the complexity of multiple devices, an abundance of apps, or the pains of switching between OTA channels and streaming channels, then your wait is over. I really think that the AirTV Player from Sling TV is the answer you’ve been waiting for. With this device, you get the traditional TV watching experience with the freedom and savings of cord cutting.

To top it all off, Sling TV is running a special introductory offer. Right now, when you buy an AirTV, Sling will give you a $50 credit to use toward your Sling TV subscription!

You can get the AirTV Player with OTA AirTV Adapter for $129.99 at


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