Cord Cutting with Kids, Can It Be Done?

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For many households, the biggest concern when going cableless is the kiddos. How are my kids going to adjust? Will they still be able to watch their favorite shows?

Luckily, kids are fast learners and now, more than ever, there are tons of ways for kids in a cord cutting household to watch their favorite shows.

The good old HD antenna can get a lot of free kid’s programming on local stations. If you need help finding an HDTV antenna for your TV, check out my article here. Your local PBS channel has always been a great go-to for kids shows. Everything from daily morning cartoons to afternoon educational classics can be roped in with an antenna for free! And don’t forget about those Saturday morning cartoons that air on NBC and PBS.

An HD antenna is a great option for kid’s content, but streaming shows is where you are going to get the most options and convenience.

There is a lot of kids content that can be streamed on your TV, some of it is even FREE! If you’re wondering what the best way to stream children’s shows on your TV is, I recommend either a Roku or Amazon Fire TV which you can read more about here. All of the below apps can be installed through the Roku Channel Store or Amazon’s website.

Some of the best free streaming content can be found on the Pluto TV app on the various Kids and Cartoon channels. You can even find completely free episodes available on popular network apps like PBS Kids, Disney Junior, Nick Jr, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. The main advantage to streaming your kids’ favorite shows is that it’s entirely on-demand.

You can turn on a show whenever it fits in the day’s schedule the best and, even better, close the app when it’s time for dinner or bed!

Netflix is also a great source for Kids TV shows and Movies. The selection gets updated from time to time, but they always offer a ton of your kid’s favorites. One of the nicest things about using Netflix with kids in the home is that they have a dedicated “kid mode”. You can set up a profile, configure it for kids content only, and only shows and movies rated 12 and under will be displayed in the Netflix guide.

Amazon Prime Video, which is included with your normal Prime membership, offers a “Kids & Family” genre in the TV show and Movie categories. Their selection is comparable to what you will find on Netflix and they also refresh their library every so often. Amazon recently partnered with PBS Kids to be the premier streaming service for the majority of PBS shows for kids. This means that if you have Amazon Prime then you have full access to complete seasons of some of the best PBS series for children.

Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are also excellent services that provide access to some of the most popular kid’s channels.

Everything from Disney Channel and Cartoon Network to Sprout and BabyTV can be included in a subscription to Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. Through their apps you will get access to live feeds of the channels, just like with cable, but you also get access to some on-demand content for viewing whenever you want. If you need help figuring out which service and which plan fits you best, check out my article comparing the two here.

What kinds of programs do your kids like to watch? If you’ve cut the cord already, how did your kids adjust to the new setup?


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