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A PlayStation Vue Weekend: How I Streamed Big Ten Network, ESPN and Fox Sports

A PlayStation Vue Weekend: How I Streamed Big Ten Network, ESPN and Fox Sports

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Hey guys! This weekend there were a lot of sporting events on TV that I wanted to watch. Most of them, unfortunately, on channels that I don’t get with my basic $20 per month Sling TV Sling Orange package. Sure, I could have upgraded my Sling subscription to get the majority of the sports channels, but I still wouldn’t get Big Ten Network and I thought this may be a good opportunity to try out PlayStation Vue and share my experience with you.

PlayStation Vue is Sony’s over-the-top streaming TV service. It offers a lot of the same channels that you can stream with Sling TV with the addition of some key ones for my viewing needs this weekend. Their packages are priced slightly higher than what you will find with Sling, but with the additional channels, I guess that can be expected. Big Ten Network, which historically has been a challenge for Cord Cutters to be able to watch, is what really sets PlayStation Vue apart in this case.

Let me break down which sporting events I was looking to watch so you can see why PlayStation Vue was the best choice for my weekend viewing, cheering, and…eventually crying and disappointment in my teams ūüôĀ (but enough of that sob story).



From the list and picture above you can see that the PlayStation Vue Core package ticked the box for every sporting event I was hoping to watch this weekend. Big Ten Network being the ultimate  kicker here. PlayStation Vue is currently the only over-the-top service that provides access to Big Ten Network outside of traditional cable.

So…how did it go? What did I think?

Overall I was very impressed with PlayStation Vue and enjoyed my viewing experience. The video quality was excellent while watching all the events, especially the soccer game on FS1 and the IU basketball game on ESPN. I never had any issues with buffering or freezing video, which is something that can happen when streaming live events like sports.

I was especially impressed to find that PlayStation Vue includes not only the primary Big Ten Network channel but also a few alternate channels right inside their app. This is nice when BTN broadcasts multiple games at the same time. You have the option to watch any of the games that are being aired and you aren’t restricted to only the one game that is closest to your viewing market.

Something that I found a little odd was that PlayStation Vue did not broadcast my regional Fox Sports channel, Fox Sports Indiana or Midwest, like I thought. This was frustrating on Saturday night when I wanted to watch the Pacer’s basketball game. I was able to find a workaround by downloading the Fox Sports Go app to my Fire TV and logging in with my PlayStation Vue credentials. The Fox Sports Go app then let me stream the game. So, even though the channel is included in my subscription, I was only able to watch it through the Fox Sports Go app. I guess this workaround is worth keeping in mind in the future if I find there is ever another game that isn’t being broadcast through the PlayStation Vue app but is airing on a channel that is in my subscription.

A slight negative, that I feel is worth noting, is that I found the guide and menus inside the PlayStation Vue app to be quite slow. This made navigating through the user interface frustrating at times, especially while still getting used to the app. I do however appreciate that they included the familiar “guide” screen that is sometimes omitted from streaming apps.

To sum up my experience with PlayStation Vue this weekend I would say that it was great for the most part. I was able to watch all the sporting events that I was hoping to in crystal clear HD without any major hiccups. Although Vue is slightly more expensive than some of the other streaming services out there, I found I could get the most sports channels in one package than any other service. I also really appreciate the fact that I can get Big Ten Network through a subscription to PlayStation Vue which makes this service a big win for Big Ten fans.

If you’d like to test out PlayStation Vue this weekend like I did or if there is a big game coming up on a channel in one of their packages, give it a try. PlayStation Vue has a 7-day free trial with no strings attached.

Have you used PlayStation Vue before? If so, what did you think? Got any questions about Vue? Let me know in the comments below.


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Watch Local and National News as a Cord Cutter

Watch Local and National News as a Cord Cutter

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With the Presidential Election right around the corner, the end to what surely has been a circus of an election season, you may be looking for the best way to watch the news as a cord cutter. Here are some of my favorite ways to help stay glued to your TV this November without missing a thing. Whether you want to tune into local election coverage or national news, you can watch it all on TV without cable.

You can use an HD antenna to watch the News at no monthly cost.

If you don’t have an antenna yet then you’ve got to pick up a Mohu Leaf 30 (click here to get it on This thing is as simple as it gets, plug it in, hang it on the wall with a thumbtack, and watch free broadcasts on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. You’ll be able to tune into local and national broadcasts all throughout the day. Whether you like waking up with the Today show, tuning into your local afternoon newscast, or catching 60 Minutes every evening, all this great news coverage can be pulled up on your TV with just a simple antenna.

Cord Cutters have a ton of options to stream the news to your TV.

If you don’t have a streaming device yet then I recommend you get a Roku Streaming Stick, its super easy to use and pretty affordable (click here to get it on With a device like a Roku, this is will give you access to national¬†24-hour news coverage. You may be familiar with some of the traditional paid news channels, but through your streaming device you have access to some pretty good free news channels and apps. The most popular one that you’ve got to check out is the CBS News app (watch on Roku / watch on Fire TV) which provides a live¬†24-hour national news broadcast that covers everything from breaking news to what’s happening with our favorite celebrities. My favorite way to watch free streaming news as a cord cutter is on the various news channels in the Pluto TV app (watch on Roku / watch on Fire TV). These channels carry aggregated video clips and live streams from the most popular news sources in national news, business and finance news, and even tech news.

As a cord cutter, my favorite way to watch premium news channels is through Sling TV.

If you’re a fan of CNN, MSNBC or HLN then you’ve gotta try out Sling TV. Sling TV is the most reasonable option for people that like to stay up-to-date on the news, with plans starting at just $20 per month. With the most basic Sling Blue package,¬†you can watch all the news you can handle on CNN. If you want to expand your news options¬†then Sling offers various addon combinations that will give you access to more channels including MSNBC and HLN.

If you haven’t tried Sling TV yet, you definitely should! They offer a free 7-day trial with no strings attached. If you only want to try it out for the next week to watch election coverage then sign up today and cancel next week and don’t pay a dime. You can’t beat that!

The most comprehensive news coverage can be found on PlayStation Vue.

If you’re a news junkie then your best option is PlayStation Vue. In their most basic package, Access, you get all the most popular news stations: CNN, HLN, Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, and CNBC. Playstation Vue is a little more expensive than Sling TV, but if you can’t live without having all the premium news channels I would recommend checking it out. They also offer a free 7-day trial with no strings attached.

How do you plan to tune into all the excitement of the Presidential election? Do you have other ways that you like to stay up to date on breaking news?


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The Best Ways to Watch NFL Games without Cable

The Best Ways to Watch NFL Games without Cable

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The 2016 NFL season has officially kicked off! As a cord cutter, you have several options to cheer on your favorite¬†team while watching on your big screen. The NFL schedules 4 different times each week when games are played, Thursday Night, Sunday Afternoon, Sunday Night, and Monday Night. To help you see which ways you can tune into these games each week, I’ve broken this guide down accordingly. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to catch all the NFL action on TV this season without cable.

All but 4 of the Thursday Night Football games this season will be broadcast, for free, nationwide on NBC or CBS.

The Thursday Night games that are on NBC or CBS will be best watched through an HD antenna connected directly to your TV. I suggest the Mohu Leaf 30 HD antenna for most people. For more info on antennas check out my post¬†here. If you don’t want to miss those 4 TNF games¬†not shown on NBC or CBS, you’ll have to tune into the NFL Network. You can sign up for either the Sling TV Blue package ($25 per month) or the PlayStation Vue Core package ($34.99 per month), both of which include a live stream of NFL Network. Sling and PlayStation Vue can be streamed using apps on your Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

The best way to figure out which channels will be broadcasting the different games each week is to check the schedule on

For the Sunday afternoon games, CBS and Fox are still the stations to tune into. Just like on Thursday Night, plan to use your HD antenna to catch the games being shown in your local market. Pro tip: I like to check the broadcast maps on¬†506 Sports¬†to see what games are going to air each Sunday in my area. That way I know if I’ll be able to cheer my team on at home through my antenna or¬†if I need to plan an afternoon visit to my local sports pub.

NBC has the broadcasting rights for all Sunday Night Football games of the 2016 season. This is great news for cord cutters because we can use our HD antennas once again to catch every Sunday Night game live!

Monday Night Football, the main event that closes out every football weekend, will be broadcast on ESPN this season.

The most affordable way to catch all the MNF games on ESPN is through a Sling TV Orange subscription ($20 per month). You can use the Sling TV app on your Roku or Amazon Fire TV to watch all these games in crystal clear HD. Alternatively, you could opt for the PlayStation Vue Access package instead, which also includes ESPN, ($29.99 per month).

Finally, if you’re one of those diehard fans that loves¬†to watch the bonus coverage on NFL RedZone every Sunday, you’re in luck! NFL Redzone is now available without cable! For an extra $10 per month, you can add the Sports Extra add-on, which includes NFL RedZone, to a Sling Blue subscription. Or, for PlayStation Vue Core subscribers, you have the option to pay an additional $39.99 per year to add the channel all season long to your package.

As you can see, for cord cutters, just an HD antenna will allow you to watch the majority of NFL games this season. Couple that with a Sling TV Orange subscription for $20 and you won’t miss a thing!

There you go, the best ways to watch NFL games this season without a pricey cable contract. Are you excited to start cheering on your favorite team? I know I am!


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How can I watch premium, dare I say “cable”, channels as a cord cutter?

How can I watch premium, dare I say “cable”, channels as a cord cutter?

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So what about those premium channels that are traditionally referred to as “cable channels”? Can I get those? I can’t go without my daily fix of SportsCenter or House Hunters. Well, lucky for you, as a cord cutter, you’ve got options and that’s what cord cutting is all about. Over the past two years, a few internet television¬†services have¬†come to the market offering small packages of premium channels that can be streamed directly to your TV. All of these services are available for a small monthly fee without any sort of contract, meaning you can sign up today and cancel tomorrow. This gives you the flexibility to only sign up for months that you will actually be watching these channels and then cancel during the other months so you aren’t wasting your money on something you’re not using. If you love football and only need ESPN to watch Monday Night Football, then you have the option to only sign up from September through December. Or, if you are a teacher and you love watching HGTV in the summer time when you are on break, then only sign up for the summer months. This kind of flexibility is what makes cord cutting so attractive and saves you tons of money!¬†The way that you watch these services is through apps available on streaming media devices like Roku or Amazon Fire TV. If you haven’t picked one of those up yet then check out my guide to help you make the decision. The best part is that all of these services offer free trials so you can try them all out to see which works best for you at no cost! When was the last time a cable company offered you a free trial?? I’ll go ahead and answer that one for you…NEVER!

Live TV. $20 a month. No Cable Company. Sling TV.

Sling TV – Sling is the pioneer in affordable internet TV packages. This is actually a product of Dish Network that was released back in February of 2015. Sling TV’s mission is to “Take Back TV” and that’s¬†exactly what they’re doing with their packages. You start by signing up for a base package of either¬†$20 or $25 a month and then you have the option of purchasing “add-ons” of additional channels in a particular category¬†for an extra $5 to $15 a piece. The channel selection varies slightly depending on the base package that you go with. Check them out at the¬†Sling TV website to see what suits your needs best and to signup. You can download the Sling TV app on either your Roku or Amazon Fire TV.


Sling TV Orange Package | Photo Credit:


Sling TV Blue Package | Photo Credit:


PlayStation Vue – PlayStation Vue is Sony’s answer to Sling TV. They were the second major player to enter the internet TV game, launching nation-wide in March of 2016. Despite its name, you do not need to own a PlayStation in order to signup and use this service. There are 3 tiers to choose from with Vue: Access, Core, and Elite. The Access package starts at $29.99 and Elite goes all the way up to $44.99. It may seem like a lot, but you get a heck of a lot of channels bundled up for that price. Another bonus feature included in all 3 tiers is a 28-day cloud DVR. You can record shows on any of your channels and watch them up to 28 days later. ¬†The PlayStation Vue app is available for both Roku and Amazon Fire TV.¬†For the latest package and pricing info check out


PlayStation Vue Access Package | Photo Credit:


PlayStation Vue Core Package | Photo Credit:


PlayStation Vue Elite Package | Photo Credit:


Updated: SFN TV Now has discontinued their nationwide streaming option. Reports are that they will resume this service in the future at which time this guide will be updated.

SFN TV Now – Sothern Fibernet is the latest provider to enter the game with their SFN TV Now service. They pride themselves on offering the most affordable entry level packages starting at just $5! For this price range, you will only get access to the Faith channels, or at the $10 level to Atlanta’s local stations. Most of you will be interested in their Popular or Max packages starting at $34. These packages include the nationwide premium stations you are most familiar with. To sweeten the deal they have included a 7 Day Cloud DVR with their packages. To get more information on SNF TV Now head over to their website Currently, SNF TV Now is only available on Roku (3 and 4 only), but they plan to add additional device support in the future.


SFN TV Now Popular Package | Photo Credit:


SFN TV Now Max Package | Photo Credit:


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